Accounting ERP

Experience the cutting edge of project management.

Strategically Smart and Savvy

Experience the cutting edge of project management, using different and relevant market solutions.

Project management, accounting enterprise resource planning (ERP), and technological support provide expertise and knowledge to help solve any business opportunity.

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Numerous successful ERP implementation projects and training development ensuring successful role outs and continued user support when needed.

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Initial Consultation

A free Initial consultation to provide confidence and knowledge about future solutions.

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Project Management

Helping companies methodically manage maximized returns, utilizing relevant technology and best practices.

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Support for Implementation

Oversee operational training and provide kickoff support, ensuring implementation exceeds expectations.

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ERP Steps


Initial Consultation

A free initial consultation to provide knowledge and confidence about the scope of project.


Project Management for ERP's

Project Management, Accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and technological support.

Helping companies methodically manage maximized return, utilizing relevant technology and best practices.

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Optimization Projects

Invest in results that withstand the test of time, bring fresh strategies to life. Solved By Tanna is the new efficient way to gain expertise and knowledge during a change in management or with any project. Ensuring your business is successfully solved.

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